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About Us

We have moved from being a start-up charity learning lots to an increasingly respected and professional organisation with a clear idea of the key points we need to focus on at each stage of recovery. We are learning from all our clients’ journeys and building them into our model of sustainable pathways.


One key thing about recovery is it involves several stages of transition, each with their own risks and opportunities. This may mean different things for different clients, but a common element needs to be the availability of ongoing support and a sense of community if recovery is to be sustained and deepened.


Clients translate the need just to stay sober into ways and opportunities to live life to the full.


A lot of residents arrive here homeless, which is why we are so pleased to have taken on a property as a clean and sober move-on house recently. As well as the new move-on house, a weekly Aftercare group is now well established and attracting growing numbers each Monday evening.


But there’s more to do…


We are acutely aware there remains a gap in Chelmsford for the housing of people not yet in recovery, but committed to change. The original vision was for HHE to be three-fold – somewhere to prepare to get and stay sober, then the current core programme and then support to move forward from there. We started in the middle, then went to the end and now need to address the gap at the beginning, in discussion and very possibly in partnership with our stakeholders.


Meanwhile, we continue to look to improve what we do and to offer that to a growing number of clients.

“More importantly I have, as a direct consequence of HHE’s help, rebuilt my life.”