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Success is being achieved by HHE working alongside a wide range of partners and stakeholders. Our approach is to work closely with the many organisations which are also involved in supporting or enabling services to our clients and prospective clients. Together, we are making a difference and we are forever grateful for these positive links.


Alison Hawkins, Housing Advice & Homelessness Team Manager…


“We work with HHE on a number of levels. We work together on a referral basis and also with regards to working jointly when residents need accommodation to move on to.”


“HHE assists clients when dealing with the housing team and throughout the housing process and there is lots of information sharing all the time. HHE certainly provides lots of support when the housing team and their clients need to engage. Our partnership works really well.”

Open Road

Sarah Wright, Chief Executive…


“HHE offers a unique service in mid Essex for people with alcohol problems and we work alongside, supporting service users who access both of our agencies.”

House of Commons

“HHE, over many years, has done a fantastic job to help those suffering from, or recovering from, alcohol related problems. I am delighted to support the very important work which they do for people who often find themselves in a very vulnerable position.


HHE offers vital support and encouragement to guide its clients through difficult times with an aim for them to get back on track. Its biggest advantage is the help which it can offer in terms of accommodation, often one of the main hurdles for its clients to try and overcome.


It is a vital local service and one which I have been pleased to support since its creation. I have attended many of its events and look forward to doing so again in the future.”

“More importantly I have, as a direct consequence of HHE’s help, rebuilt my life.”