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EA-RS Group from Witham have helped support not only helping hands but are committed to understanding the Homeless Alcoholics journey in their first steps in recovery.


From their new safe house, their early support and treatment and future move on to the move on facility, where their process working with sponsors like EA-RS Group help to coach and support these guys into part time, full time and eventually their own professional careers or just a loyal and intrinsic part of the Sponsors business or just to be an amazing part of this lifesaving program.


CEO Alan Wheal from EA-RS Group quotes:


“Helping hands is a unique and amazing charity who give absolutely free treatment services to the people that desperately need it. The treatment and long term survival in a sober world needs this invaluable support but our business community must come together to support the early days of these guys to hold their hands and love them back into society. Their hope comes from our continued commitment.


No profit from our business feels anywhere near as previous as being able to help save a life…


Please give us your continued support, and please remember, it’s a tiny monthly donation but the commitment to give time to help is the key!”


To become a HELPING HANDS BIG 50 SPONSOR then please call one of our committee found at the bottom of our leaflet.

“More importantly I have, as a direct consequence of HHE’s help, rebuilt my life.”