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John, 58

“Counselling skilfully allowed me to unravel the mess inside my head. I cried and laughed in group therapy. Outside activities also helped me realise I was capable of so much and to reconnect with the world. I attend aftercare now and as soon as I walk through the door, I can take a deep breath and relax.”


Liz, 44

“Helping Hands gave me time and understanding to learn skills I needed to turn my life around and to rebuild my family.”


Craig, 36

“After spending 13 months homeless, living on the streets, I was admitted to HHE for treatment. I graduated six months later and have remained free of any substance abuse from that day to this. More importantly, as a direct consequence, I have rebuilt my life.”


Timmy, 44

“I had lost such a lot, but the change in me is amazing. Addiction to me is a mental illness. I have an addictive personality; I am all or nothing. It was the same with drinking. There was no limit. Helping Hands is an incredible place to be. If you want to, you will get well.”

“More importantly I have, as a direct consequence of HHE’s help, rebuilt my life.”