The next stage of the journey - Autumn 2018

Our continuing Mission isto promote recovery from alcohol abuse, to the benefit of the individual, family and friends and the wider community. We offer an abstinent, full and structured programme to residential and non-residential clients in their early days free from alcohol.


HHE launched its Interim Day Programme on 4th June operating from local venues, initially working with our Graduates and focusing primarily on managing our Clients who had moved out of the residential facilities in Brockley Road to the new rented accommodation. There was the potential for the relocation to be a traumatic experience, but Graduates, Aftercare residents, Staff and Trustees all worked together to minimise the risk, making sure of a smooth transition. None of our Clients relapsed during a time of intense change exacerbated by the ensuing heatwave, which was tolerated without the use of alcohol.   

We continued to deliver a reduced Programme through the summer holidays, normally a time of reduced interest in recovery. New Clients were directed to our Open Group and we were pleased to see a few new approaches. Having relocated this Group to the Salvation Army building, the Open Group has now started to grow with numbers increasing as the holidays for referral Agencies and schools came to an end. We offer Open Group Clients the opportunity to attend the rest of the Programme, having added a second group session, and anticipating growing all the groups in the next few weeks.* 

This has been a great time of change as Trustees, Staff, Volunteers, Graduates and Residents worked together to achieve the minimum disruption possible. Clients have always been at the heart of what we do especially when taking the first steps to sobriety when they are particularly vulnerable.  We are pleased that the current Programme is replicating the cohesiveness and robustness of our successful model delivered formerly from the Brockley Road premises. 


*Open Groups meet on Thursdays between 10.30am -12noon at The Salvation Army, 70Baddow Road CM2 0DD and on Tuesdays between 1pm and 3pm at The Orchards MeadgateAvenue CM2 7NS 


(Clients are asked to be sober at least on the day). Please contact Graham 07940576825 or Anne 07976040643 for more details.